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ETC Engineering

The department of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering was started in the year 2008 with an intake capacity 30.

In this department all the laboratories are fully furnished with tools and equipments having latest state of technology.

  • Basic Electronics Laboratory
  • Analog Electronics Laboratory
  • Digital Electronics Laboratory
  • Comm. & Advance Comm. Laboratory
  • Microprocessor & Interface Laboratory
  • Measurement Laboratory
  • Maitenance Laboratory
  • Project Laboratory

Course Title :- ETC Engineering

Course Duration:-3 years

Intake Capacity:-30 Seats


Sl No Name of theCourse/Approved strength Name of the Laboratory/workshop Total Area of lab/work-shop List of Major equipments
1 Electronics & Telecom. Engineering/30 Basic Electronics Laboratory 400 sq.mtr Digital Multimeter, Analog Multimeter,, Diode Characterstics, Zener Characterstics, CRO, Regulated Power Supply,Resistance Box, Capacitance Box,Inductance Box,T.V, VCD,VCR, Radio etc.
2 Analog Electronics Laboratory Digital Multimeter,Analog Multimeter,CRO,Function Generator,Wein Bridge ,Oscillotor, Push-Pull Amplifier,Colpits, Oscillators, Clamper & Clipper, Ce Amplifier,CC amplifiers, Cb Characteristics,Component development System, Schmmit Trigger,Linear Ic Trainer,Astable Multivibrator, Monostable Multivibrator,Fet Characteristics,Feedback Amplifier, Hartley Oscillotor, Op-AmpTrainer,Ujt Characteristics,Ujt as Relaxation Osc,FetCharacteristics Osc,Capacitance Box,Inductance Box,Ic Regulated Power supply.
3 Digital Electronics Laboratory Logic trainer Gates, Logic trainer for Combinational Logic Ckt,Digital Combinational Logic,8-Bit A/D Converter,8-Bit D/A Converter,Flip Flop using Ic,Decade Counter using 741Is,Adder & Subtractor,CRO,Design TrainerKIt,Design Board,Multiplexer & De- Multiplexer, Trainer Kit.
4; Comm.& Advance Comm. Laboratory AM/FM signal Generator(150HZ),amplitude mod & demod. Kit,amtransmitter,ad receiver, frequency Mod&demodKit, R&TV, Antena, Telephone, Antenna, Microwave test Bench, satellite trainer Kit.
5 Microproce-ssor& Interface Laboratory Interface card,CRO.Micro 8085, 8086,
6 Measure-ment Laboratory Wheatstone Bridge, Wein Bridge, Maxwell Bridge, Q. Meter, Shearing Bridge,Hay- Bridge.
7 Maintenance Laboratory TV & Radio,SMPS,Power Supply,AM Mode &DEmod, Trainer Kit,,FM Mode,Demod Trainer Kit.
8 Project Laboratory Design Trainer Board, Computer system.